Cyprus-Iran Forum: Banking, Trade and Investments

A forum was organised in Iran’s efforts to re-enter markets, with the participation of a large number of high-rank Iranian officials and bank representatives.

Iranian speakers on the forum held on 04.03.2016 in Larnaca, Cyprus provided insight information about the commitment of Iran to get back to the markets.

Stefan Nolte and Morvarid Homayoon attended the Cyprus – Iran Forum on behalf of Shanda Consult.

Among other presentations, the following contributions were of particular interest:

Mr Hossein Yaghoobi Myab, Director General of the Division for International Affairs of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran explained in detail the AML and Compliance legislation of Iran and its rapid implementation until today.
Mr Yaghoobi clearly stated that the Iranian Government is decisive to cooperate with Cyprus as one of several preferred EU jurisdictions in order to re-enter European markets and to attract investors for Iran.

Mrs. Fatemeh Mahjourian, Senior Officer of the Anti-Money-Laundering Department of the Central Bank in Teheran, demonstrated from a technical point of view how Iranian banks and financial institutions are regulated and how AML and Anti-Terror-Financing provisions are implemented in detail.

Iran offers a number of offices and organisations on Ministry level to support and to guide foreign investors, which were explained in detail by Mr Koorosh Taherfar from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance.

The Iranian Government started a large privatisation campaign, aiming to privatise a wide range of state-owned companies operating in various industries. Mr Mohammadi of the Social Security Investment Company, the investment arm of the Iranian Social Security Organisation holding more than 120 companies, provided with privatisation examples from the company he represents.

It was interesting to hear that despite the immense economic problems during the 10 years of sanctions, none of the 31 Iranian banks slipped into any financial crises.

We welcome the efforts of Iran to become a global player again.

Iran is a special focus market for Shanda Consult. We assist and guide businessmen from Iran in their efforts to re-connect to EU markets, and we advise and accompany EU investors with their investments in Iran.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to be guided with your Iran-related projects or business, or with your EU-related projects and business.


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