Corporate & Fiduciary Services

Corporate & Fiduciary Services

Corporate and fiduciary services comprise company formation or company incorporation, company administration, company domiciliation, interim management and fiduciary services, bookkeeping and accountancy, bank account operations, proceeding with liquidations, and many more.

Corporate services are often down-played, but those who suffered from inadequate or erroneous procedures of their service providers well know the importance of quality in services.

Shanda Consult is licenced by the CySEC, the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission, as an Administration Service Provider. Relying on our team of experienced administrators, in-house legal counsels and fiduciaries, the firm has proven itself as a dedicated and successful provider of corporate and fiduciary services for the formation and administration of companies in Cyprus and in Malta.

Our firm also provides interim company management and fiduciary management, which is often required for a transitional period from the time of company formation until the finalisation of establishing a company’s operative structure in Cyprus or in Malta.

Our corporate and fiduciary services include:  


Sincere consultancy with substance.

First and foremost stands the consultation. During the consultation, we define with you your starting position and your needs and show you accordingly, which opportunities we can offer you.

It depends very much on the situation of each client. With sensitivity to your concerns, we will propose a concept with which you can plan your tax issues and asset protection effectively without concerns or guilty conscience.

Our consultancy does not end with the formation of your company and the handover of company documents. You are still accompanied by us in all relevant matters.

Incorporation and Registration of Companies and Trusts

We guide you through the complete formation of your company(s) and trusts.

The foundation usually consists of the following services:

  • Drafting of the Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Registration of the company

  • Tax registration

  • Registration for VAT (if applicable)

  • Issuance of all necessary corporate documents, apostille on request (according to the Hague Convention 1961)

  • Setting up a bank account with one of the largest Cypriot banks or banks in other countries, with online banking access and Visa Debit Card

In setting up of trusts, drafting of a deed of trust, appointment of an administrator, and when indicated the issuance of a will deed is added.

Upon request, we will register your Cypriot domain name, create the Internet presence of your company and arrange the creation of official company stationery, etc. for you.

If you have any further requests, we always have an open ear for you!

Fiduciary and Trust Services 

Many of our clients wish for local directors, interim directors of fiduciary directors, and/or fiduciary shareholders acting as trustees, which may be appointed by our firm.

Should your company require the setup of a permanent establishment, employment of a local director and possibly a company secretary, Shanda Consult will be able to provide those services.

The choice as to whom you would like to appoint as a trustee for your company remains solely up to your own discretion. We will be available to offer trustee services should you wish to use our services.

Depending on the individual needs of your company, a legal or natural person may be appointed as trustee.

We may furthermore fulfil for you all formal requirements that define a permanent establishment, and we may assist in the operations of your permanent establishment..

Bookkeeping, Financial Statements and Auditing 

Depending on the legal status of your company and the level of pursued business activities, the need for accountancy efforts, minor or larger volumes, will arise for your company. All prescribed minimal legal requirements have to be adhered to.

We take over the bookkeeping of your company and fulfil all the company's necessary obligations when dealing with tax authorities and where appropriate with other authorities.

Bookkeeping is done according to the international book keeping standards (International Accounting Standards of the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC), London).

We will be happy to prepare the financial statements of your company, as well as trial balances if required. The financial statements are prepared in close cooperation with our independent auditor who does the audit and prepares the report of independent accounts.

Moreover, it is optional for you to appoint an auditor in Cyprus yourself, including auditors of the "Big Four".

Office Services and Permanent Establishments

Through its subsidiary, Shanda Consult offers office services at its own location in Nicosia. This service includes:

  • phone line in the of the name of the company, replying incoming calls in the name of the company,
  • automatic call forwarding possible, notification via email;
  • own fax line if wished for;
  • forwarding of incoming mail via email, physical forwarding possible.

Furthermore, Shanda Consult offers you again through its subsidiary company in Nicosia, the complete setting up and the maintenance of physical business premises of your company, including the recruitment of staff. Accruing corporate tasks will of course be overseen by Shanda Consult.

Permanent business premises installed by Shanda Consult can be of significance with respect to business and taxation aspects.

Please read important information about place of taxation here.

The Euroserv Business Centre

Shanda Consult can assist you with the setup of Cyprus economic substance for your company. Through our affiliate corporate business centre, Euroserv Business Centre we can offer:

  • complete setting up and maintenance of physical business office of the company, including the staff needed;
  • full-fledged modern offices and workstations;
  • own phone and fax lines of the company, answering incoming calls in the name of the company,
  • automatic call forwarding possible, notification via email;
  • forwarding of incoming mail via email (physical forwarding is possible as well);
  • general secretarial services.

Euroserv Business Centre is an exclusive and modern business centre in the office building Methonis Tower, located prestigiously on the main axis of Nicosia, Makarios Avenue, in the heart of Nicosia, which is considered to be the best business area in Nicosia.

Presentation of Scope of Corporate and Fiduciary Services

You may wish to download our presentation of our scope of corporate and fiduciary services here:



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