Cross-border Investment Consulting

Consulting industrial and strategical investors and supporting their investments in other countries

Deciding to invest in another country is lengthy and difficult process, full of details and loopholes, which requires local know-how and expertise. If a Joint Venture partner or business partner is involved in the other country, even more caution is necessary. Consulting investors regarding their industrial investment in other countries, assisting investors in determining suitable and matching investment partners or business partners, and accompanying our clients when preparing and realising their industrial investment in another country is our passion!

The services of Shanda Consult include

  • joint-venture facilitation (investor match-making services, investor search),
  • realisation and supervision of joint-ventures,
  • market researches,
  • intercultural communication coaching,
  • coaching during early-stage joint-venture facilitation,
  • door-opening and lobbying services,
  • consulting regarding furtherance,
  • incentives and subsidies consulting and assistance in application,
  • project planning,

to name just a few. Kindly have a look into the more specific categories of the side menu on the right.

Presentation on services related to industrial investments in the Middle East

You may wish to download our presentation on services related to industrial investments in the Middle East as well as to industrial and strategical investors interested in investing in industrial establishments and projects in the Middle East and other countries, here:



Shanda Consult mainly assists German investors investing in Iran or Cyprus, Chinese investors investing in Iran, Cyprus or Germany and the EU, and Iranian investors investing in the EU, as well as assisting investors from the Middle East with their investments in Germany and other EU countries. You are welcome to contact us!