Islamic Republic of Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran was disconnected from the world for almost four decades. Since the majority of sanctions are lifted since early 2016, Iran makes enormous efforts to get reconnected to the world, particularly to Europe, and to close the gap.

With its population of almost 80 million and immense need for modernisation, the Islamic Republic of Iran has a huge market potential for almost everything. On the other hand, it is interesting to see how Iran succeeded to become a self-sustaining economy, a result of almost four decades of isolation.

Iran is a country with its own particular culture and business habits, which makes it often difficult for foreigners to do business. We witnessed many foreign business delegations, which were flying to Iran with big enthusiasm and returned to their countries with a lot of lessons, if not with frustration.

As a result of its well rooted experience in Middle East countries, including Iran, Shanda Consult maintains a strong local presence and an effective network in Iran.

Our firm offers various services to mainly Germany and Chinese investors in Iran, from seminars for Ministries to the facilitation of Foreign Direct Investment into Iran, from intercultural communication coaching for Joint Venture partners to market surveys and project implementation in Iran.