Shanda Consult provides different services in or for different jurisdiction (countries).

In Cyprus,

Shanda Consult is licenced by CySEC as a fiduciary service provider, authorised to carry our Cyprus company formation and registration, administration of Cyprus client companies, and to provide fiduciary services. Shanda Consult also provides related services such as tax consulting, bookkeeping and accountancy, tax services, and arranges for the audit of annual financial statements.

Shanda Consult also provides localisation services and operates a state of art business centre in the heart of Nicosia.

In Lebanon, Iran, Ukraine and India,

Shanda Consult provides services for German and other European industrial or strategical investors, which are mainly but not only delivered through the pre-decision phase of industrial investments. Those services include intercultural communication coaching, various localisation services, communication with local stakeholders and autorities, Joint-Venture partner search and Joint-Venture facilitation, and many more.

Shanda Consult also consults local project owners in Lebanon, Iran, Ukraine and India regarding Joint-Venture partner search and Joint-Venture facilitation for their industrial investment projects.

Regarding Germany and Austria,

Shanda Consult advices, consults and accompanies mainly industrial investors from Ukraine, India and China, and other countries, regarding their intended investments in German or Austrian companies, be it share deals or asset deals. 

Shanda Consult also advices its foreign clients regarding the obtainment of banking licencesm in Germany, including the assistance in application and the follow-up until issueance of banking licence.

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