People’s Republic of China

The People’s Republic of China is just at the beginning of a new era, aiming global influence and co-determination in line with its economic importance. There are currently two large projects steadily increasing China’s presence in the world. The one project is the “One Belt One Road Project”, aiming to shorten logistic connections with Europe through the implementation of new infrastructures. The other project is based on the directive of the National Development and Reform Commission (former State Planning Commission) to Governmental companies to invest freely available or excessive funds into companies and businesses in Europe and Africa, mainly with the goal to extend the value-chain.

We notice a specific increase of Chinese investments in Germany. While Chinese investors acquired 39 large German companies in the entire 2015, 37 large German companies were acquired in the first half of 2016 only.

We are matching Chinese investors with real-economy investment objects or projects preferably in Germany and Iran, representing either the investor side or the side of object or project owners. Our firm facilitates, accompanies and participates in the finalisation of Chinese investments in Germany and Iran.