Relocation and Localisation for Individuals

Cyprus Relocation and Localisation Consulting and Services for Individuals

An increasing number of individuals, generally together with their families, choose the Republic of Cyprus as their new home. We are assisting existing and new clients with our “Relocation and Localisation Consulting and Services for Individuals” and helping them to feel home right from the beginning.

Cyprus offers a number of appealing unique advantages that attract more and more individuals to move to Cyprus for good:

Cyprus enjoys stunning climate with more than 320 sunny days per year, warm winters, the most blue-flagged beaches in Europe and one of the lowest air pollution in Europe.

Shanda Consult offers consulting and assistance to individuals who intend or who decided to move to Cyprus.

It all started with existing clients of Shanda Consult, who decided to move to Cyprus and asked us to assist and to support them. As we never let down our clients in respect of any question, issue, plan or project that they may have related to Cyprus, we indeed started to accompany our clients with their relocation to Cyprus.

Our Relocation and Localisation Consulting for Individuals includes, but is not limited to:

  • Consulting regarding citizenship, residence and work permits,
  • Consulting regarding individual and corporate tax matters,
  • Consulting regarding geographical preferences within Cyprus and destination orientation,
  • Consulting regarding renting of purchasing property in Cyprus,
  • Consulting regarding business matters and opportunities in Cyprus,
  • Consulting regarding education in Cyprus,
  • Consulting regarding matters with Authorities in Cyprus,
  • Consulting regarding all other matters of life in Cyprus.

In addition to our consulting services, we will be happy to assist and to accompany you with your moving to and settling in Cyprus. From the very beginning, and in all matters that may come up, with us, you will have reliable assistants and friends in Cyprus.

Our Relocation and Localisation Services for Individuals include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance in home search (rental or purchase),
  • Assistance with builders and repair services,
  • Assistance in temporary accommodation,
  • Assistance in legal matters, in cooperation with our associated lawyers,
  • Assistance in transportation of your household,
  • Assistance in cultural and language training,
  • Assistance in applying and connection to/of utility services,
  • Assistance regarding all immigration matters, obtaining residence permit and working permit,
  • Assistance regarding educational matters for your children,
  • Assistance in car purchase and registration,
  • Assistance in yacht rentals and purchase,
  • Assistance in insurance requirements,
  • Assistance regarding individual tax registration,
  • Assistance regarding professional licences,
  • Assistance in company registration,
  • Assistance regarding individual and corporate events,
  • And many more, you name it! 

Pricing of our Relocation and Localisation Consulting and Services for Individuals

For our consulting services we generally charge a fixed amount that entitles for our consulting services up to three hours, regarding any matters that you may want or need to know. Excessing consulting time needed will be charged on an hourly basis.

For our assistance in various matters we charge on an hourly basis. However, if we are able to well define your needs for our assistance at the beginning, we will be happy to offer you a package.

Please do not hesitate to contact us now.