Rep. of Cyprus

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The Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus is an international trade centre since more than 3000 years. During more than 3000 years, a culture of business-friendly concepts has been developed in order to optimise the island's attractiveness for international business. 

Cyprus welcomes the world! Watch the video clip about Cyprus - and why Cyprus is a perfect place to do business, and to live!

A video clip of the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency, CIPA.

The Republic of Cyprus, the EU member state being closest to the markets of the Middle East and North Africa (the MENA region), has long been a hub for trade and commerce in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Levant, providing services as a bridge between the MENA region and Europe. Cyprus’ central position and advantages not only started with the frankincense (olibanum), which took its name from the fact that it was traded through Cyprus, then ruled by the Frankish Kingdom of the Lusignans, and it will not end with the very business-friendly environment and tax advantages it provides today, strictly in line with all respective EU regulations.

Today, being member of the EU since 2004, Cyprus is an international business and finance centre with a general corporate tax level of only 12,5 %. Combined with other, wisely created tax incentives, especially for the finance industry and the shipping industry, even lower tax rates may apply. Many business transactions are exempted from any tax.

Cyprus is one of the very few EU countries that fully complies with all relevant regulations and directives of the EU, OECD, FATF and FSF. Thus, Cyprus is an ideal place for so-called “licence passporting”.

Cyprus Companies are fully acknowledged in the entire EU as EU companies, an advantage that especially attracts holding companies. Thus, Cyprus today successfully competes with Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Ireland.

For many international companies from the US, the Middle East, Russia and the CIS countries and from Asia, Cyprus is the “Entry Gate” into the EU.

Almost 200.000 foreign-owned companies and trusts, many of them with offices in Cyprus, enjoy the many advantages of the country.

Cyprus is attracting companies from the US, from Europe and from the Levant since the early 1980ies for setting up regional headquarters, regional bases of operation or even headquarters. Since 2014, Cyprus also enjoys a sharp increase of inbound investments from the EU, particularly from Germany, Middle East countries and from China. Cyprus recently became one of the EU’s most advantageous jurisdictions for alternative investment funds, regulated as per the respective EU Directives.

Shanda Consult is privileged to be part of the growing importance of Cyprus and to operate from this advantageous jurisdiction.

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