Iranian – German SME Investor Forum & Workshop 2016

Published on: 26/05/2016

Shanda Consult is organising the specialised Iranian – German SME Investor Forum & Workshop 2016 will be held in Tehran end of Autumn / beginning of Winter 2016.


This special workshop will bring together about 25 German investors who are decided to invest in specific projects in Iran with pre-selected and qualifying Iranian companies as matching prospective partners.

As an answer to countless business delegation to Iran that generally end up with no success, Shanda Consult - in cooperation with its project partner Dr. Jan Philipp Engelke, Germany - organises the Iranian – German SME Investor Forum & Workshop 2016. 

The 2,5-days event will bring together:

  • pre-selected German investors and business people who attend for specific investments in Iran, with
  • pre-selected Iranian companies that are looking for foreign investment in form of joint-ventures in the same fields and industries as the participating German investors and business people.

What makes the “Iranian – German SME Investor Forum & Workshop 2016” special?

The difference in short: "Real" and decided German investors will meet pre-selected and qualifying Iranian partners and co-investors, who are already a match when they meet.

Iran, and Tehran in particular, currently experiences international business delegations almost every few days. While those business delegations are good to get a first glimpse and perhaps some first contacts, they are empirically unfortunately not very productive. For the majority of foreign business people, representing small and medium sized companies, business delegations do not turn into continued contacts or businesses with the Iranian business people briefly met during the delegation visits to Iran.

One of the many reasons for this lack of tangible results is the lack of “targeted pre-selection” and the lack of substantial preparation on both the German and the Iranian side. Participants to B2B meetings often participate just to check out possibilities and opportunities, rather than coming with concrete projects in their bags – and this applies to both sides, both foreign and Iranian participants.

And this is exactly our starting point and where we come in with the “Iranian – German SME Investor Forum & Workshop 2016”!

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While we already received confirmation of participation from 25 German companies, interested Iranian companies are invited to contact us for information regarding the businesses and industries of the German participants and their projects planned in Iran. 

Interested prospective Iranian companies which would like to apply must;

  • be in business and must have the infrastructure to co-manage an investment project
  • have at least the intention and the necessary infrastructure and funds to enter a project with a German investor or co-investor
  • send a detailed and well descriptive company profile with the first application.

Application please to be sent to Mrs Azadeh Ashari: