EUMECON conducted two workshops for OIETAI, Tehran

Published on: 27/01/2017

On 18 January 2017, EUMECON conducted two interactive workshops for the Organisation for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran.

OIETAI is the investment promotion body of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran. The workshops took place at OIETAI Headquarters in Tehran.


EUMECON is a joint-venture of Dr. Jan Philipp Engelke, Germany, and Shanda Consult Ltd, Cyprus. EUMECON consults and assists industrial German investors with their investments in Iran and brings together matching German and Iranian joint-venture partners.

The interactive workshop organised and held by EUMECON was titled “Intercultural Communication Germany”, and sub-titled “Aspects of Intercultural Communication in Business Context”.

The two workshops were lectured by Dr Jan Philipp Engelke and Stefan Nolte, both directors of EUMECON. About 30 managers and senior experts of the OIETAI Headquarter attended the morning workshop, while the afternoon workshop was addressing around 30 managers and senior experts from all provincial branches of OIETAI.


The two workshops comprised the following modules:

  • Business and Business Structure in Germany

  • Intercultural Communication in Business Context

  • What to do? What to avoid? – A Case Study

  • Materialisation of the learned

German industrial investors are increasingly interested in investing in Iran, and many Iranian industrial companies are looking for German investors, in order to modernise and to expand existing production facilities and to benefit from the transfer of technology and know-how. As individuals of two different cultures with partly different perception and evaluation as well as often different expectations and approaches, prospective joint-venture partners often face intercultural communication problems. The workshops aimed to assist managers and senior experts of OIETAI, the investment promotion organisation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in better understanding the business culture of mainly family owned small and medium enterprises and industries.

The many very positive feedbacks and additional questions to the lecturers after each workshop were confirming the success of the events.

EUMECON is thanking the management of OIETAI for its cooperation and its trust in the competence of EUMECON.