Kermanshah Science and Technology Park, Iran

Published on: 25/09/2017

There are several definitions for “science and technology park" from different organizations.

According to IASP, the worldwide network of science parks and areas of innovation, “science park is organization managed by specialised professionals, whose main aim is to increase the wealth of its community by promoting the culture of innovation and the competitiveness of its associated businesses and knowledge-based institutions”.


The first science and technology park was formed about 50 year ago, on the Stanford University’s campus. This STP has changed the Silicon Valley area from one of the poorest regions in the USA into an international centre of technology, finance, education and research, as stated in the website of UNESCO.

According to a research by prof. Vahid Ahmadi, Deputy minister for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran (MSRT), currently 41 science and technology parks and 178 business incubators are operating in Iran.

Tehran, Fars Province and Razavi Khorasan Province are ranked first, second and third in the number of science and technology parks, respectively.

Trend of growth in the number of STPs and Incubators in Iran




Kermanshah Science and Technology Park was established in 2005 with the aim of providing facilities for Start-ups, SMEs and newly established companies to support them in all challenges they might face at the beginning of their business. Kermanshah STP developed the ICT incubator, a general technology incubator and an agriculture incubator, in 2016. In addition, four other incubators were launched in other sectors of the province.

The main focus of the ICT incubator is to support and provide services for knowledge based careers in IT sector. The general technology incubator which is the first incubator launched in Kermanshah province, aiming to support technological fields. Another major incubator in Kermanshah is the Processing industries and agricultural incubator which formed to connect agricultural potentials and human resources to encourage producing and transferring agricultural and processing technologies.


According to website of the Kermanshah STP, their main Objectives are as follows:

  • Employing new technologies to promote competitiveness of local enterprises
  • Assisting in development of the Kermanshah province
  • Pave the way for the companies which has significant effect on economy
  • Provide facilities to support innovative ideas
  • Building the bridge for connecting the industry, university and society


Globalized, to be or not to be? 

International expansion of a new business seems like an unbearable challenge. Start-ups should be able to communicate effectively, to comply with the laws and regulations in a foreign country, to know how to compete in another country’s market. So why a new company take the risk of being global?

Internationalization will create huge growth opportunities for businesses from various sources. Also, firms can reach more technical talents, access to inclusive range of information and new ideas and know the latest technology. That is why Start-ups take the risk to expand internationally.

KSTP has supported 468 Start-ups so far which many of them are interested in globalization and entering international markets for expansion of their business. KSTP from one side is seeking to attract foreign investors for its entrepreneurs in order to develop their business, and from the other hand is trying to gain international opportunities for training and holding workshops.

To achieve above goals, KSTP’s entrepreneurs should be provided by facilities required for entering international markets and also, they need to raise funds internationally which is difficult for Start-ups and new firms, so KSTP plays an important role in their success.  

For entrepreneurs to internationalize successfully, cooperation with Iranian experts who are doing business with international markets, is highly influential. This will create the opportunity to imitate other firms’ developments and to hold training courses and workshops.


Kermanshah Science and Technology Park is a member to IASP, a membership-based, independent, non-profit and non-governmental organisation which links the experts who manage science, technology and research parks (STPs) and other areas of innovation through its worldwide network. Also, IASP provides services to support its members for success in their business.

Kermanshah STP has more than 251 approved tenant companies and individuals that benefit from KSTP’s support services. Also, many students and skilled workers have been trained in practical workshops organized by KSTP.

In order to support start-ups in their growth, KSPT try to reduce unforeseen risks as well as providing facilities for internationalization and cooperation with other businesses.

Kermanshah Science and Technology Park is willing to collaborate in numerous fields with interested experts world-wide.

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