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Doing Business in India

Doing business in India – full business support from A to Z.

From company setup to necessary registrations, localisation services, business process management, management consulting, tax services and consulting, legal support. With presences in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

India, with a population of more than 1,3 billion people and a GDP (PPP) of more than USD 10 trillion, is a sub-continent and country of endless opportunities and inconceivable contrasts. The Indian culture is one of the oldest in the world, and traditions are remarkably different from especially the Western World. India is not simply Indian. Many different nations, religions and languages make India the most diversified country of the world. While Hindi is the official language of the government, each state and union territory has its own official language. English as business language is widely spread.

India is the third-largest economy by purchasing power parity, and the seventh largest by GDP; the annual GDP growth rate is 5,8%. However, India ranks only on place 140 as per the GDP per capita. While about one forth of the population lives in poverty, mainly in rural areas, an ever-growing middle class as well as the upper class form a consumer group that makes India interesting not only for low-cost production and export, but for local distribution as well.

Although India focuses a lot on its improvements, bureaucracy can be a nightmare in India. Bureaucratic procedures are often full of hurdles, competences are often not clear, and procedures may take a long time.

The total Foreign Direct Investment (FD) in India is USD 378 billion (2017), and FDI inward flow in 2017 was almost USD 40 billion. From the West European countries, the Netherlands realised the highest FDI into India in 2017 (7,5% of the total FDI), followed by Germany (2,7%) and the United Kingdom (2,1%). The highest FDI in 2017 came from Mauritius (37,3%; Indian companies investing through Mauritius) and Singapore (24,8%; many of this again Indian companies investing through Singapore).

Doing business in India: What we can do for you

India is a country of very interesting opportunities, but it is definitely not a country where foreign companies and investors succeed without local support and guidance.

Whether you are planning to set up and to develop a local presence for procurement or marketing and sales, or if you plan to set up a local production for either export or local distribution, or both, our diversified professional services will support you on every stage of your project and business.

As a partner of the Excelor Network based in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, we benefit from our strong local presence in India while also providing the bridge between India and Europe.

From the initial steps like choosing the right geographical location in India, setting up your company, acquiring requested licences and permits, realising necessary registrations, to assistance in the development of business processes, management consulting, designing and realising of local promotion campaigns, accounting, tax services and consulting, we assisted many international companies with their market entry in India and the setup and development of their local production.

For the full scope of our local services in India, please view the below presentation.

India and Cyprus

Cyprus and India enjoy strong closed ties since many decades. Almost all Indian presidents since the independence of India have visited Cyprus. Numerous Indian and Cypriot ministers are traveling each year to visit the other country, enhancing cooperation in various areas, including tourism, education, scientific collaboration, mutual fiscal improvements and for the furtherance of the growing economic ties between the two countries. There are about 8.000 Indians living in Cyprus, some of them managing their own business, and many working in the ICT industry. The Indian maritime industry benefits from establishing ship owner and crew management companies in Cyprus. An important number of wealthy Indians set up businesses in Cyprus and became citizens of the country.

Recently, and important number of Indian-owned companies moved their headquarters from the United Kingdom and from Dubai to Cyprus.

The total investment of Cyprus into India exceeded USD 6 billion, mainly investments of Indian holding companies in Cyprus, benefiting from the double taxation agreement between the two countries.

Whether you are a foreign company and wish to enter the Indian market, or you are an Indian company wishing to set up your business or holding in Cyprus, or wish to enter the European markets through Cyprus, we will be glad to provide you our full support. Please contact us through the below contact form.


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