Dubai Free Zone Company November Promotion

November 2022 Promotions

Time to grow your business, with your free zone company in Dubai – benefiting from substantial promotions.

Dubai issued 45,653 new business licenses in H1 2022, once again proving the attractiveness of the Emirate as an international business hub for ten thousands of businesses and business people from around the globe.

New business licences issued during the first half of 2022 show an increase of 25%, compared with H1 2021, reflecting the positive impact of the Government’s new strategic approaches and policy amendments to accelerate the pace of Dubai’s sustainable economic growth and diversification.

As partners of the best and most business-friendly free zones in Dubai, Shanda Consult is proud to offer several promotions for new business setups during November 2022. The promotions provide entrepreneurs and companies with substantial savings – not only during the setups but for later renewals as well:

General Trading Licence Add-Up Fee – Waived

To assist companies which trade many different goods, the Dubai Authorities responsible for company registration and licensing offer a so-called ‘General Trade Licence’, which allows for trading unlimited categories of goods.

New companies that apply for a General Trade Licence within November 2022 benefit from the waiving of the additional annual fee of AED 10,000 (USD 2,740) – for as long as the company continues to exist.

Business Licence Offers

  • 10% Discount on 1- year business licence, packages with 2 or more visa allocation.
  • AED 2000 discount on 1- year business licences , with zero visa allocation.

Prices guaranteed for the next 3 renewals on all new 1- year business licences. 

UAE Residence Visa – Free for One Shareholder

One shareholder of a new free zone company registered during November 2022, is entitled to receive his or her UAE Residence Visa free of charge. Please note that the biennial Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department Visa issuance charge and Visa renewal charge are waived. Any status change fees, and costs for medical tests, and Emirates ID Card issue in relation to the Free UAE Residence Visa, are not waived.

This offer is guaranteed for the initial visa issuance and for at least three renewals thereafter.

Free health insurance with every new licence with visa allocation

For every new business licence with visa allocation issued during November 2022, one medical insurance policy will be issued to the licence holder for a period of 12 months, free of charge, with preferential premium rates on the succeeding years.

Benefit From Substantial Discounts on Multi-Year Orders

While UAE Residence Visas are issued for two years, any fees related directly to a company are annual fees. Those include but may not be limited to company name approval fee, business licence fees, fee for an Establishment Card, and visa allocation fee, which must be paid on an annual basis.

If the shareholder(s) of a new Dubai Free Zone Company opt(s) and pay for business licences with a validity of more than one year, the following attractive discounts apply:

  • Business licence with 2 years validity: 15% discount;
  • Business licence with 3 years validity: 20% discount;
  • Business licence with 5 years validity: 30% discount.

Advantages of Dubai Free Zone Companies:

  • Dubai is one of the largest global business hubs, trade bridge between East and West and North and South, with excellent access to the Middle East, North & East Africa;
  • Highly dense business eco-system;
  • Ability to conduct domestic and international business activities in and from the UAE;
  • Fully developed, comprehensive e-government services;
  • One of the most beneficial cost-benefit ratios worldwide;
  • 100% foreign ownership and capital repatriation;
  • Zero Personal and Corporate Income Tax (conditions may apply).

With more than 25 years of business experience in various industries in Dubai, including the finance industry, and with 13 years of international business setup services and consulting, we provide added value to our clients.

With its expertise and personalized approach, Shanda Consult is happy to provide its clients with more than just standard services.

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