Shanda Consult

About Us

SHANDA CONSULT is an international consulting firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus, with a wide network of trusted partners in the European Union, the Mediterranean, in the Middle East and Asia. The main target markets are the EU, Iran, the Gulf States and China.

SHANDA CONSULT offers an integrated range of business advisory services designed to facilitate and initiate cross-border industrial investments, and to improve competitiveness and performance, as stated in the following:

We strategically assess our clients’ investment intentions, plans and strategies, their operating structure, management and objectives.

We support clients with corporate restructuring and performance improvement.

Additionally, we facilitate corporate relocation and business localisation, including establishing new representative and branch offices and special purpose vehicles for investments and market entry.

Moreover, we are familiar with the processes of company registration and management in Cyprus and other locations, including provision of local directors, secretaries, office space and other support.

Market analysis, market entry services, business matchmaking are as well part of our portfolio and we prepare and conduct management and staff training, including negotiations and general communications skills and intercultural communications skills.

We offer no packages A, B or C, but determine together with you, your individual needs and build your concept based on them. Whether your concept and plans concern a smaller individual company or a larger structure, a cross-border industrial investment or international business facilitation, we are always at your disposal with the same effort!

SHANDA CONSULT is proud to be closely affiliated with the GONZI & ASSOCIATES, the law firm headed by the son of Lawrence Gonzi. The two firms, Gonzi & Ass. and Shanda Consult, complete each other perfectly and are thus able to provide a wide scope of consulting and professional services.

Since the lifting of the nuclear sanctions, the Islamic Republic of Iran is currently, and will be, the largest pool of business and investment opportunities, attracting global business people and investors.

But Iran is also a big challenge. SHANDA CONSULT and the German consultant Dr. Jan Philipp Engelke joined forces and experience, forming the partnership EUMECON EEIG. EUMECON focuses on bringing together German and Iranian investors for industrial investments in Iran, supporting and accompanying the entire circle from the search for the right German and Iranian investment partners to the signing of their Joint Venture agreement.


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