Our Holistic Package Approach

Challenges are hidden in the details, often shaped by local culture and habits as well as specific procedures of authorities.​

Burden-free, transparent and professional service from A to Z at a maximum level of quality.

Our UAE Holistic Package Approach

Starting a business in another country and becoming resident and fiscal resident of that other country is indeed a challenge. The challenges are hidden in the details, often shaped by local culture and habits as well as specific procedures of authorities.

While company formation in the UAE might be a straightforward procedure and be offered by many, resident visa application as well as applying for UAE tax residency (fiscal residency) are subject to certain conditions and undertakings, prior to the submission of the applications.

Some of them are, for example, a (simple) UAE health insurance, a blood test, or certain certificates, just to name a few. Tax residency in the UAE requires owned or leased property; be it a owned luxury house or a rented inexpensive flat rented.

We offer our clients all-inclusive and complete solutions, with no hidden costs and including all fees to be paid to third party service providers (medical laboratories, document testation, all official fees etc.).

Our service typically starts with having you picked up from the airport and transferred to your hotel where one of our team members will meet you and accompany you to all offices and places that you will need to present yourself. Appointments will be pre-arranged by us to avoid long waiting times. We will also advise you on the best choice of banks to open your private and company bank accounts. Meetings with bankers for bank account opening will be conducted in our office in Dubai, unless you wish to visit the bank. In this case, we will be happy to accompany you too.

Our services do not end after your UAE company has been registered, your residence visa issued, and your UAE tax residency confirmed.

To maintain a resident visa, you will be required to visit the UAE at least every 180 days. We even remind our clients well in advance of their deadlines to visit the UAE.

We furthermore provide all services to maintain your UAE company and its business licences. We provide accountancy services and responsibly maintain statutory obligations. We are there for you when your residence visa needs to be renewed after three years.

Our team and close associates comprise of a highly qualified team with profound legal, financial and administrative experience, ensuring tailor-made services that you can always rely on, including concierge services.

In short, we provide our clients with a burden-free, transparent and professional service from A to Z at a maximum level of quality.

Our team and associates are based in Dubai and we strongly recommend choosing Dubai as the place for your company and your own residency. The reasons are simple. From all seven Arab Emirates Dubai is by far the most modern, most organised, most business-orientated Emirate with the best-working administration.


  • Company Formation
  • Acquisition of Company Business Licences
  • Procurement of Office Space as required
  • Attaining of the UAE company’s Establishment Card
  • All services to attain Investor Visa (validity 3 Years)
  • Assistance in arranging for a residence (from flats to houses, rented or owned)
  • Emirates Resident ID
  • Corporate Bank Account
  • Personal Bank Account
  • Annual Health Insurance

Typical Timeline of Procedures for UAE Freezone Company Formation and UAE Residence Acquisition

As an indication only, a typical timeline for company incorporation and issuing a residence visa would be as follows:

  • Stage 1 – Establishment of UAE Company – 20 working days
    – Processing of Power of Attorney through UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs for company incorporation, if required;
    – Submission of company incorporation documents;
    – Company name approval and office space lease agreement;
    – Issuance of business licences.
  • Stage 2 – Residence Visa and Bank account – 20 working days and more
    – Preparatory undertakings (blood test, local health insurance etc.);
    – Issuance of UAE Residence Visa;
    – Bank meetings, submission of bank account opening application and accompanying documents.

Are you required to travel to the UAE to obtain your UAE Residence Visa and UAE Tax Residency?

Yes, you are required to travel to Dubai for a period of typically five working days.

If you authorise us to incorporate your company, you do not need to travel to the UAE for the company incorporation as per above Stage 1.

You will be required to travel at the beginning of above Stage 2 for a stay of five working days in Dubai. During these five working days we will arrange, together with you, all preparatory undertakings such as blood test, local health insurance, bank meeting at our office, visit to the Immigration Department, viewing flats for your local residence address (if required), etc.

The UAE Residence Visa will be processed within four to five working days. The issuance of your Emirates ID may take up to two weeks; we will send you your ID per courier. The confirmation of your UAE Tax Residency will be processed after your visit to Dubai. Again, we will send you the confirmation of your UAE Tax Residency per courier.

Please note that you are required to enter the UAE with a special visa that entitles you to apply for and to acquire your UAE Residence Visa. We will assist you in this matter. Should you enter the UAE for your visit to obtain your UAE Residence Visa without this special visa, we will not be able to apply for and to acquire your UAE Residence Visa.

We continue to offer our services to you and your company even after your company has been registered and you have settled in. 

With our long years of local experience and our team as well as our associates, we provide you and your company with all services needed. This does not only include the timely renewal of your company’s business licence and your residence visa, but may also include accounting services, audit support, all kinds of administrative tasks, business consulting, concierge services and many more.

Please feel free to contact us through below contact form for a first complementary personal consultation via phone or, preferably, via zoom video conference it’s free!