“Eager to Serve…”

Our Philosophy

We love serving, yes, we really do love it!

Shanda Consult and its associates consist of a team of service-orientated personalities, each of them professional in her or his area with years of experience. All of our team members are eager to serve and to satisfy our clients, as if their business would be our business. Our personal approach helps our clients to feel “at home” with us. The majority of our clients experiences and sees us rather as a supporting part of their business or project, than external consultants or service providers.

We do not look at the size of our clients or the revenue from our clients. All our clients are equally important to us and are treated with equal care and commitment.

We are proud of our prompt and punctual services and on the systematic way that we handle our clients’ tasks. We are proud of our personal engagement and commitment with which we assist and support our clients. And we are happy that our clients are happy with our services! Just two testimonials from two of our clients:


“Dear Shanda Consult Team,

Thank you!

I would like to thank you for your services during the entire year. You all were professional, friendly, and always patient even when I did not fully understand something… My sincere thanks! I am looking forward with happiness to continue working with you during the coming year!”

Y.Ö., Switzerland


“Carefully considering all details, I have to say that I am more than convinced of your services. There was not a single day where your team members or you were not immediately available and ready to assist. My questions were always promptly replied to. Tasks were carried out “over-punctually”. I wish to continue benefiting from your services, because I am very convinced of the quality of your services. My kudos to you and the team members of Shanda Consult.”

C.G., Germany

“We build bridges…”

Especially when it comes to our consulting services in relation to localisation, location or re-location, or cross-border industrial investments, we really build bridges.

We build bridges between our clients and the various stakeholders of a planned business or industrial investment in the other countries. We connect people and businesses. Together with our clients and their Joint Venture partners we often form a committed team, all of us united in our focus for the success of the project.

We carefully maintain and continuously develop our Intimate local expertise and strong networks in the industry, public administration and political circles in Malta, Cyprus, and many countries of the Levante and the countries around the Persian Gulf.

The below sculpture by German artist Mrs Louise Kött-Gärtner, the original being in our office in Nicosia, represents our motto. “We build bridges…”:


“We believe in education…”

Our entire consulting business is a permanent education. We love to share our experience, knowledge and expertise. We love to see people, our clients and their local partners in various countries, benefiting from our consulting and heading to success.

As a contribution to more business-friendly local environments, we focus as well on education of local stakeholders of both the private and the public sector. From our daily work, we are aware of the importance of healthy and successful intercultural communication in its very forms and formats. We are happy that we were chosen by ministerial decision-makers of our target markets to organise and to conduct seminars and workshops on intercultural communication.

“We love Cyprus…”

The main shareholder and Managing Director for Shanda Consult, Stefan Nolte, lives in Cyprus since 1999. “It’s the vibe of the cosmopolitan society of Cyprus, its international population and the business-friendly environment that makes you thrive and prosper”, he says. “As a small country, Cyprus provides the possibility to directly participate in decision-making processes on administrative and governmental level, through various associations, workgroups at ministries and personal discussions of topics that are of substantial interest for the business community”, Stefan continues.

Cyprus is a great place to live, a great place to work, and a great place to do business and to invest in business. Being one of the five safest countries in the world, you love and work with peace of mind and remarkably less stress than in many other countries. People in Cyprus love business, but having a good life is still an important value on this beautiful island.

Stefan concludes: “We love Cyprus, and we will continue supporting Cyprus and foreign businesses that are attracted by the many advantages of Cyprus as a place to do business, locally and internationally.”