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Investing in Gold Mining and Trade

With gold well above $2,000/t oz, investors’ demand for investment in gold mining and gold trade increased remarkably.
We help you entering this market.

Gold Mining and Gold Trade in Africa and Dubai

Relatively Low-Cost and Low-Risk Gold Mining:
Gold Rock Dump Processing and Surface Mining

Decades ago, the efficiency of gold extraction was not at today’s levels.

The gold remaining in so-called ‘dumps’ or ‘old waste’ from mining operations many decades ago can be extracted with current day technology at low-cost and low-risk levels.

Investing in Gold Mining – Opportunity 1 (South Africa)

This gold mining operation is one of the last medium-sized gold rock dump opportunities in South Africa. This operation is a low-risk gold mining investment opportunity as it will be mined opencast.

Following an all-inclusion ethical approach, various local stakeholders of the area are involved in the operations of this mine.

All the necessary due diligence has been done – licenses, rehabilitation guarantee, social and labour plan, title and clearance from statutory authorities have been obtained.

This opencast gold mine is a great opportunity that has been mined in the late 1920s. In the past the gold extraction efficiency was not on today’s levels; therefore, we obtained the entire “dump” also known as ‘old waste’. With current day technology we can extract the remaining gold, which the old-time machinery couldn’t reach. 

The annual production is approx. 150 kg. The total reserve has been forecasted at 2.2 Moz gold.

Feasibility studies have been made when the gold spot price was USD 1,850 / oz and have yielded positive results.

Investing in Gold Mining – Opportunity 2 (Ghana)

The operator is successfully mining small-scale opencast alluvial Gold concessions in Ghana and is now in the position to extend their operations. The miner has secured close to 15 plus additional small scale (including 2 large scale) concessions. The new concessions are located closely to various large-scale resources.

Most of the due diligence has already been done, including licenses, rehabilitation guarantee, social and labour plan, title and clearance from statutory authorities is obtained. Additionally, the company has successfully finished prospecting on four of their new concessions, with very promising results.

This project is a unique cost-effective mining operation(s). Investors have the chance to partake in several smaller satellite operations, therefore spreading the risk and ensuring a steady return.

Expected production from the new concessions is 2 – 5 kg gold per month, with increase planned for 2025.

Feasibility studies have been made when the gold spot price was USD 1,850 / oz and have yielded positive results.

Gold Trading: Partly-Refined Gold – Final Refining – Investment Gold

17% to 20%, or between 380 and 450 metric tonnes of the annual global gold production are mined by small gold mines, also referred to ‘artisanal and small-scale mining’ (ASM).

While large gold mines sometimes operate their own refineries to produce high-purity investment or jewellery gold (99.5 to 99.99 % purity), all other large, medium and small gold mines produce either doré bars (typical purity 50 – 75 %) or nuggets (typical purity 85 -95 %).

Doré bars and nugget are then sold to local refineries, if existing in the country, or to exporters who transport the doré bars and nuggets to refineries in other countries.

The company is entitled to legally export gold from various Southern African countries, providing the opportunity to purchase fixed amounts with a price advantage. The company then imports the gold to Dubai and processes the imported gold to 995.0 or 999.9 purity jewellery gold or investment bars in Dubai, which is sold in the local market at the current gold price.

There is a two-month halt of operations every year, due to the rainy season.

The typical trade volume per month is 50 kg doré gold and/or nuggets of 80 – 94% purity, with an option to increase to 100 kg/month in 2025.

The origin are mainly Southern African countries, excluding sanctioned countries and sources as well as unstable countries.

The Gold Mining and Trading Company

The company is licensed in Dubai for all kinds of physical gold operations and trading, including import and export. The company operates gold mining through its subsidiaries in South Africa and Ghana, and it is maintaining its own purchase office in various Southern African countries. 

Its managing shareholders have been operating gold mines in Africa since more than 20 years.

Opportunity for Investors in Gold mining and/or Gold Trade

Investors may either invest in the entire operations (mining and trade), or in a specific segment. 

Minimum investments are USD 250,000 to 1,000,000, depending on each individual case. The company is open to negotiate various forms and models on investment.

What you can expect from Shanda Consult

Shanda Consult will be happy to arrange for a video call with principal investors for further introduction and discussions. If the prospective investor wishes to go ahead further, Shanda Consult will introduce the investor to the managing shareholder of the Company.

The gold spot price in USD from 2008 until today, 8 May 2024

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