Let’s Cooperate!

Cooperation Partners Welcome

The success of Shanda Consult is also based on its network of cooperation partners in many countries.

We mainly cooperate with three groups of cooperation partners: partners for corporate services and advice, experienced consultants, various service providers.

Partners for Corporate Services and Advice

Shanda Consult will be happy to extend its corporate services and advice to you and your clients, regarding Cyprus Company Formation and Malta Company Formation, corporate services and administration. Our respective services also include tax advice, advice for advantageous company structuring, cross-border industrial investment advice, assistance in setting up local offices and operation, and more.

Typically, accounting and audit offices, tax consultants, law offices and business consultants with clients of international business exposure are happy to cooperate with a reliable and professional cooperation partner in Cyprus or Malta, for the registration of a Cyprus Company or a Malta Company, and for its administration and auxiliary necessary services. Actually, 70% of our clients for Cyprus Companies or Malta Companies are referred to us through cooperation partners.

If you would like to provide your clients engaged in international business and investment with resilient solutions for international company structures, international tax planning and tax optimisation, structuring of cross-border industrial or real estate investments, we will be welcoming you! Simply contact us for more information.

Experienced Consultants

Shanda Consult often works on projects in Cyprus and in countries of the MENA region. Most of such projects are related to cross-border industrial or real estate investments. We provide our clients with services such as localisation, intercultural communication, communication with local political stakeholders, business development, finding the right local joint venture partners, and others. Simply spoken, Shanda Consult provides their clients with local expertise.

While providing a lot of such services with our own resources, our success is only possible because we cooperate with local experts. If you have a proven track record and are eager to contribute to our consulting services, please feel encouraged to contact us!

Various Service Providers

Mainly in countries of the MENA region, but also in Cyprus, Shanda Consult provides field services such as market reports, feasibility studies, business plans, socio-economic studies and similar services. Furthermore, we provide our clients with administrative supports, which is related to dealings with governmental authorities, for example for the obtainment of licences.