The Rise of Advanced Technologies in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Rise of Advanced Technologies in the Pharmaceutical Industry 

Stefan Nolte, managing director of Shanda Consult and Chief Advisor at SPAC Consultants, was one of the Guest Speakers on Day 3 of the Deep Pharma Intelligence three-day virtual event on 15 – 17 November that provided a unique opportunity to learn insights and case studies from two of the company’s major proprietary analytical reports: “Landscape of Advanced Technology Companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry” and “AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development, and Advanced R&D Landscape.”

SPAC conference

Because of the impact of AI on biomedicine R&D and the impending paradigm change from treatment to preventative measures, the longevity and biotech industries are prepared for a big leap in the near future.

The final conference event shed light on critical observations in the private equity, venture capital, and SPAC ecosystems of the rapidly expanding and exponentially growing Longevity Industry.

Listen to the speech of Stefan Nolte here…

Stefan Nolte has been involved in four completed SPAC listings, and he currently serves on the board of a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) that will be listed in November 2021, as well as being involved in the preparation of seven other SPACs.


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