Establishment & Business Services
in Cyprus & the United Arab Emirates

Company Establishment, Office Administration, Interim Management, Staffing, Accountancy & Audit in Cyprus and the UAE

Establishment & Business Services in Cyprus & the United Arab Emirates

Company Establishment & Business Services in Cyprus & the UAE

Our Company Establishment and Business Services for Cyprus and the UAE comprise advisory for company formation (company incorporation), office administration, company re-domiciliation (re-location), interim management and staffing, business licences, bookkeeping and accountancy, arranging for liquidations, and many more.

Resilient company establishment advisory is often down-played, but those who suffered from inadequate or erroneous procedures of their service providers well know the importance of quality in services.

Relying on our team of experienced advisors and managers, in-house legal counsels and external experts, the firm has proven itself as a dedicated and successful advisory and consulting firm in business setup and continuous support in Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates.

Our firm also provides for interim company management, which is often required for a transitional period from the time of company formation until the finalisation of establishing a company’s operative structure in Cyprus, and the UAE. Additionally, as per the request of many clients, our company also assists in finding permanent resident management.

Our establishment and business services for Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates include:  


Sincere consultancy with substance.

First and foremost stand our consulting services. During the consultation, we define with you your starting position and your needs and show you accordingly, which opportunities we can offer you.

The right solution depends on the situation of each client. With sensitivity to your concerns, we will propose a concept with which you can plan your business progress and asset protection effectively without concerns or hesitation.

Our consultancy does not end with the establishment of your business. You will still be accompanied by us and benefit from our expertise and experience in all relevant matters.

Establishment of Companies

In closed cooperation with our long-standing associates in Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates, we guide you through and care for the complete formation process of your company(ies).

The foundation usually consists of the following services:

  • Drafting of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Registration of the company with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies or with the respective Free Zone authority or DED (for Mainland Companies) in the UAE
  • Tax registration
  • Registration for VAT (if applicable)
  • Issuance of all necessary corporate documents, apostille on request (according to the Hague Convention 1961; for Cyprus only)
  • Advising in the establishment of bank relationships in Cyprus and the UAE.

Upon request, we will register your Cypriot or UAE domain name, create the Internet presence of your company and arrange the creation of official company stationery, etc. for you.

If you have any further requests, we always have an open ear for you!

Resident Management Services 

Many of our clients wish for interim directors or permanent resident directors. We will be happy to provide interim management services, or propose professional management staff being resident of the respective country.

Should your company require the setup of a permanent establishment with adequate operational substance, including the employment of resident directors and possibly a company secretary and other staff, Shanda Consult will be happy to assist accordingly.

The choice as to whom you would like to appoint as a director for your company remains solely up to your own discretion. We will be available to offer our assistance in case that you wish us to do so.

Bookkeeping, Financial Statements and Auditing 

Depending on the legal status of your company and the level of pursued business activities, the need for accountancy services, minor or larger volumes, will arise for your company.

In addition to our establishment services in Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates, we will make sure that your company’s books will be kept up-to-date and all the obligations when dealing with tax authorities and where appropriate with other authorities will be fulfilled.

In both Cyprus and the UAE, bookkeeping is conducted according to the international book keeping standards (International Accounting Standards of the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC), London).

We will be happy to arrange for financial statements of your company, as well as trial balances if required. The financial statements are prepared in cooperation with our independent auditors, as legally required.

Moreover, it is optional for you to appoint an auditor in Cyprus yourself, including auditors of the “Big Four”. We would be happy to assist here as well.

Office Services and Operative Permanent Establishments

Shanda Consult will be happy to assist in setting up your company’s office and/or commercial infrastructure such as warehouses and/or production facilities in Cyprus or in the UAE, which would typically consist of:

  • adequate office or warehouse or production facilities rental or acquisition proposals,
  • furnishing your office as per your company’s needs,
  • facilities for your company,
  • handling all other setup and administrative matters of your company,
  • assisting in relocation of staff, etc.

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