Business & Tax Consulting

We share our experience and knowledge in structuring and shaping of cross-border businesses, investments and tax implications.

Business & Tax Consulting: A wide range of services focusing on specific markets and locations

Business and Tax Consulting

Shanda Consult offers multi-discipline Business and Tax Consulting Services in various areas and regions, mainly focusing on Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates. Our firm generally serves companies or investors from one country which intend to realise an investment in another country or to do business in another country, or are already involved in such investments or businesses.

Our firm covers various aspects of Business and Tax Consulting, emphasising on assisting investors to find the right partners for Joint-Ventures, to decide on the best suitable corporate structure, tax consulting, country-specific coaching, corporate services, business location consulting, and others.

As Business and Tax Consulting comprises of a very wide range of possible services, some areas of our Business Consulting services are covered by the other menu topics under SERVICES.

For international businesses and investments from the MENA region or from the EU, our firm mainly promotes Cyprus as the location or jurisdiction for a base of regional operations, or as an entry to the envisaged markets of said regions.

In that respect, you may wish to read what we can offer focusing on the EU markets, and what we can offer focusing on the markets of the Middle East. Please have a look to the topics of the side menu on the right of this text.

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