New SPAC: Autonomous Driving, Electric Vehicles

A New Technology SPAC in the Making:
Autonomous Driving – Electric Vehicles (EV)

This Technology SPAC will acquire top industrial performers and hidden technology gems for further developing user-friendly technologies and establishing ecosystems on three continents.

SPAC Autonomous Driving Electric Cars EV

All and any further information about the SPAC Sponsors, SPAC Board Members, planned SPAC IPO and detailed information of the SPAC’s acquisition strategy are strictly confidential for the time being.

There are some more and very intriguing details that are part of the acquisition strategy, providing another dimension to this project. However, those are top secret for now.

Pairing autonomous vehicles for autonomous driving with state-of-art electric vehicles and car sharing, and… (well, that’s confidential for now).

Stay tuned to read about this upcoming technology SPAC for autonomous driving and electrical vehicles (EV) during the next weeks.

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