The Best Dubai Free Zones

The best free zones in Dubai combine quality and agile services with rigorous cost efficiency.

Very few free zones in Dubai meet both criteria. Many free zones are cost efficient, but only a very few of them provide really fast and agile services without being over-bureaucratic.

Companies, entrepreneurs or founders need to decide whether they need their own commercial infrastructure, such as warehouses for example, or not.

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Industrial Free Zones in Dubai

Free zones differ in a number of ways. The question to be answered by the founder of a Dubai free zone company is, do I need industrial infrastructure, such as a warehouse, a building for packing or production, and do I need immediate access port facilities?

As the vast majority of founders will provide services of any kind, they will not necessarily need to set up their free zone company in an industrial free zone of the United Arab Emirates.

Even if a free zone company is domiciled in a free zone without industrial facilities, it may rent a warehouse or space in a warehouse that is located in another free zone.

However, if the main focus of entrepreneurs is on international trade of goods, involving deliveries to Dubai and then re-dispatch to final destinations, setting up business directly in an industrial free zone is often the better choice.

Needless to mention that all industrial free zones do also allow for the setup of free zone companies that do not need industrial infrastructure.

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Specialised Free Zones in Dubai

Apart from the aforementioned free zones providing industrial infrastructure, some free zones in Dubai are focused on specific business sectors. The free zones Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), or Dubai Design District (d3), are just three examples of such sector-focused free zones in Dubai.

Sector-focused free zones provide specific eco-systems that offer sector-specific benefits and facilities, which are also fostering collaboration of companies and entrepreneurs in those free zones.

Due to their specialisation and provision of relevant practical and legal infrastructure, specialised free zones in Dubai might be on the higher end when it comes to fees and costs. But that is not always the case.

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General Free Zones in Dubai

The largest number of Dubai free zones are general free zones, which are not providing physical industrial infrastructure or sector-related eco-systems. Most free zone companies in Dubai are registered in this type of free zone.

It is worth to know that most of the free zones in Dubai belong to and are managed by different private companies, only a few belong to the Government of Dubai or to the ruling family.

The Government of Dubai did bestow special rights upon each free zone or group of free zones. Within the framework of Governmental Decrees, free zones operate based on their own Memorandums and Regulations, which may differ from each other. Consequently, management and procedures of specific free zones may differ as well.

The abovementioned situation does sometimes lead to different ways how free zones are handling business setup matters and licensing procedures. The level of bureaucracy may vary from a hands-on approach to being cumbersome.

And last but not least, entrepreneurs will need services and assistance during the years to come after the licensing of a free zone business and the registration of their free zone company.


We are living in an era of ever increasing costs and expenses. Keeping costs and expenses limited, especially at the beginning of a business, is important.

However, founders and entrepreneurs are very well advised if they do not only look at low costs and expenses, but also on what they get for their money. When setting up a new business, founders and entrepreneurs are laying the foundation for the success of their business.

Therefore, solutions that do pair – at the beginning and later on – agile and quality services with cost efficiency are the foundation for long-term success.

We can guide you on your way through the many options, assist you in focusing on the essential decisions, and set up your cost-efficient Dubai free zone company within a few days.