EBRD 2017 Annual Meeting and Business Forum in Cyprus

The EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) is going to held its 26th Annual Meeting and business forum in Nicosia, Cyprus. The event will be held from 9 to 11 May 2017.

The main theme of this year’s business forum is “Targeting Green and Inclusive Growth: Meeting Regional and Global Challenges” which will involve Discussion Panels, Investment Outlook Sessions, Host Country Investment Outlook Session, Networking Events, Civil Society Programme and further Events by Invitations Only.

The event will be attracting around 2000 participants from around the globe, including policy makers, high-level government officials, senior business people and investors for networking and debating on various economic, political and social issues.

This year’s Annual Meeting will be presented in a new format with discussion panels reflecting on the six re-defined EBRD’s qualities of transition.

The six qualities of Transition according to the EBRD are the following:

  1. Competitive

    Towards a market structure that ensures competition, with productive firms generating value, and the incentive for firms to compete and advance. 

    Discussion Panel: Competitiveness in the 21st Century

  2. Well-Governed

    Towards authority, decision-making and accountability with quality and appropriate processes.

    Discussion Panel: How important is Trust for the Functioning of Institutions?

  3. Green

    Towards a “green”, environmentally sustainable market economy where economic decisions reflect the true, full value of resources.

    Discussion Panel: The Journey to Green Growth… Seeking Solutions to the Challenges

  4. Inclusive

    Towards an inclusive market economy that ensures equal economic opportunity for all population groups, with fair, full access to labour markets and finance.

    This year, we will look at A) the private sector as a facilitator of economic inclusion and B) greater gender equality.

    Discussion Panels:

    A –The Private Sector as an Engine for Economic Inclusion

    B – Making Green Growth Work for Women 

  5. Resilient

    Towards a resilient market economy that supports growth and avoids excessive volatility and lasting economic reversals; toward policy predictability and sustainability in financial and economic structures.

    Discussion Panel: Banks: Too Frail to Succeed?

  6. Integrated

    Towards geographic integration of domestic and regional markets, an integrated market economy with the necessary policies, institutions and connectivity.

    Discussion Panel: Integrating Eastern Europe’s Regional Gas Markets


Shanda Consult will be participating in the 2017 EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum in Nicosia.

Shanda Consult is specialised in consultancy regarding project-based investments and as a partner in bringing together investors and investment projects.


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