Looking for You!

Enter the World of SPACs | Utilise Your Network

SPAC Network expert

We are always keeping an eye open to find You, ready to enter the World of SPACs and to enhance business in general.

SPACs are Special Purpose Acquisition Companies.

The World of SPACs is just the right ‘playground’ for committed people;

  • with the right vision and mission striving for success,
  • with persuasive, excellent communication skills,
  • with a general business background and diverse experiences, and
  • with appetency to participate in the success they create.

In the World of SPACs, successful people are mainly people who are;

  • internationally well connected,
  • strategical thinkers,
  • fast learners,
  • good negotiators,
  • understand at least on a basic level how corporations work and what stock exchanges are,
  • well organised, and
  • who love project management.

We would not necessarily expect knowledge and experience in SPACs but be happy to train you well for this very specific business. Before that, take a crash course now.

If this sounds challenging and appealing to you, let’s talk!