ICC China and Shanda Consult affirm close cooperation

Published on: 01/11/2016

The President of the International Cooperation Center of the China National Development Reform Commission, Mr Song Peng, and the Managing Director of Shanda Consult, Stefan Nolte, discussed and affirmed a close cooperation regarding Chinese outbound investments to Germany, Iran and Cyprus.

As a result of the inclusion of Cyprus on the roadmap of the Chinese “One Belt – One Road” project, a permanent exhibition of the China National Light Industry Council has been opened yesterday evening (31.10.2016) at the IMC Centre near the Cyprus Mall, Nicosia. The opening was attended by a large number of Chinese officials from various organisations and levels.

Cyprus has been announced by China as the “Golden Key of the Mediterranean” within the One Belt – One Road project. “Golden Key of the Mediterranean” means that Cyprus shall be developed as a hub for the sales and distribution for Chinese products in the area of the Mediterranean.


From the left: Mr Song Peng, President of ICC, Stefan Nolte, Mr Wang ZhenXian, Director of the Confucius Institute Nicosia

The International Cooperation Center (ICC) of the China National Development Reform Commission (NDRC; formerly State Planning Commission) is the NDRC’s executive body of bilateral economic programmes, agreements and projects, including the Sino-German protocols and programmes.

Shanda Consult is consulting Chinese companies in respect of their investments in Germany, Iran and Cyprus. Shanda Consult also serves German and Iranian companies that wish to merge with Chinese companies.

Mr Song Peng, President of ICC, and Stefan Nolte, Managing Director of Shanda Consult, met after the official opening ceremony of the permanent exhibition and discussed various topics of high-level cooperation, especially in respect of Chinese investments into German companies and into Iranian infrastructural projects. Mr Song Peng and Stefan Nolte affirmed closed direct cooperation between ICC and Shanda Consult, constituting a long-lasting, strong friendship, as Mr Song confirmed.