Shanda Consult visit to Tehran: January 2017

Published on: 06/01/2017

Shanda Consult is implementing a business visit to Iran in January 2017. 

Mr. Nolte and Dr. Engelke are visiting Iran for meetings on ministerial level and for meetings with various Iranian stakeholders of planned industrial joint ventures of Iranian and German investors.


The director of Shanda Consult, Mr Stefan Nolte, and senior consultant and coach Dr. Jan Philipp Engelke, will be in Tehran from 15 - 26 January 2017.

Both Mr Nolte and Dr Engelke are also directors of EUMECON EEIG, a partnership of Shanda Consult and Dr. Jan Philipp Engelke, specialised in services for German and Iranian investors and their industrial projects in Iran.

Business people who are interested to meet are invited to get in contact via There are still a few time slots available during the visit to Tehran.