Indo-German cooperation to improve grid integration of renewable energies

Published on 08/09/2017

India and Germany signed an agreement on technical cooperation to improve the sector framework and conditions for grid integration of renewable energies in India.

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Achievements & Obstacles of Iran's Banking System in Developing Ties with International Banks

Published on 04/09/2017

Iranian banking sectors attempt to reconnect with International banks after the implementation of the nuclear accord named Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on January 2016.

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Eid al-Adha Mubarrak!

Published on 31/08/2017

The Shanda Consult Team wishes its Muslim Friends in the Middle East and the World peace, harmony and unity!

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FinTech sector in Lebanon

Published on 11/08/2017

Lebanon has a very well developed financial technology (Fintech) sector. Due to its advanced fintech ecosystem, 14% of the MENA region’s startups are hosted in Lebanon.

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The Biogas Market of Ukraine

Published on 03/08/2017

The Biogas Market of Ukraine and its Potential – A Brief Introduction The biogas market of Ukraine is just at its very beginning. Feed-in-tariffs and other legislative incentives provide a huge potential for the production of electricity and heat by biogas plants in Ukraine.

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IRAN Tech industry growth during sanctions!

Published on 01/08/2017

The economic sanctions imposed on Iran, accelerated a shift from resource-based industry to a knowledge-based industry.

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