Renewable energy capacity in Iran to reach 700 – 850 MW

Iran’s renewable energy volume will increase to 700 – 850 megawatts (MW) during the current Iranian year (1396). Ninety percent of this capacity will be supplied from wind and solar farms.

At the moment, Iran’s energy industry aim to supply 5 percent of the Iran’s electricity demand, from renewable energies.

According to the renewable energy organization of Iran (SUNA), until the end of February 2017, Iran’s total installed volume of renewable power plants has gone above 340 MW!

Many of foreign companies and investors intend to participate in Iran’s renewable energy investments after the elimination of the sanctions! These foreign companies are mostly from Germany, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, China, South Korea and Hungary.

Iran with its high rank in the hydrocarbon, oil and gas resources, can play an important role in the world’s energy supply.

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Source: Mehr News Agency


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