Precious Metals Storage and Trade

Secure and professional trade and storage of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in Liechtenstein

Precious Metals Storage and Trade: One of the safest locations in the world

Precious Metals Storage and Trade

Precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium – safekeeping your physical investments in precious metals in Liechtenstein, the safest place in Europe, or in Frankfurt, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong or Panama, always independently from banks.

Precious Metals Storage and Trade: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium

More and more wealthy individuals (HNWIs) and funds prefer to invest in precious metals, mainly gold, relying on its physical and sustainable value in times where monetary currencies are exposed to over-heated economies and unpredictable political decisions.

We offer storage services with highest security level and full insurance coverage (in the name of our customers) mainly in Liechtenstein, the safest and politically most stable country in Europe. Storage services are offered to individual and corporate customers as well as to institutional customers such as banks, financial institutions, funds and others. We also offer storage of precious metals in Frankfurt, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong or Panama.

Whether you prefer gold storage, silver storage, platinum storage or palladium storage, our services will provide you with sound benefits:

  • highest security level storage facilities in Liechtenstein with individual bonded warehouse, or
  • highest security level storage facilities in London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Panama
  • No VAT applies for white precious metals on physical movements when stored in the bonded warehouse
  • the security storage facilities in Liechtenstein are not part of the banking system – therefore, compliance and CRS regulations for banks do not apply
  • segregated and allocated safekeeping storage in customer’s name (off balance, no counter-party risk, no insolvency risk; read details about segregated and allocated storage)
  • individual custody and inventorying
  • individual storage in safe boxes or individual Grade 10 vaults
  • full insurance in customer’s name, coverage including fraud and embezzlement
  • storage fees are calculated on a daily basis, payable every six months
  • trade of precious metal at the same location, without the need of physical transport
  • purchase prices for gold, silver, platinum or palladium purchase based  on average spot prices plus competitive surcharge depending on denomination
  • all precious metals at LBMA Standard (London Bullion Market)
  • Purchase and sales of swift and transparent procedures
  • 6-eyes principle applies to all procedures at the vaults of the storage facilities
  • your assets are always accessible for you (24/7)
  • our customers may freely change the location of physical storage at any time
  • lending facilities may be arranged with stored precious metals as coleteral
  • experienced in world-wide transport logistics of precious metals
  • worldwide delivery of your precious metals
  • storage facilities are also available for custody of art objects (GRASP certified), antiques, diamonds

Prices in the past do not necessarily repeat in the future. Please create your own opinion based on sources that you rely on.

Liechtenstein – one of the worldwide safest locations for storage of gold, other precious metals and valuables:

  • Liechtenstein is politically and economically very stable
  • Liechtenstein is highly industrialised
  • Liechtenstein has no public debts (no governmental or state debts)
  • Liechtenstein is centrally located in the middle of Europe
  • through its custom union with Switzerland, Liechtenstein is member of the European Economic Community (EEC)
  • Liechtenstein has no state of emergency laws (as the only state in Europe)

We are serving individual and corporate clients as well as institutional clients such as banks, insurances, asset managers, funds, lawyers etc.

Through our long-years professional ties with closed partners in London, Germany, Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Panama, we ensure services on the highest level of security, confidentiality and professionalism, under very competitive conditions.

Prices in the past do not necessarily repeat in the future. Please create your own opinion based on sources that you rely on.

Example of a typical procedure for precious metals purchase and storage (gold, silver, platinum or palladium):

  • Clarification of customer’s intention
  • Receipt of customer’s scanned passport (or company documents)
  • Issuance of proforma invoice to the customer, to be returned signed as accepted by the customer
  • Issuance of storage agreements, to be returned signed by the customer
  • Customer provides apostilled copy of passport or ID of the beneficial owner (in case of corporate customer, additionally: certificates of company and apostilled copy of passport or ID of the director(s)
  • Customer orders transfer of total amount to storage facilities
  • Once the transfer has been received, gold, silver, platinum or palladium will be purchased based on daily average spot price plus surcharge depending on denomination
  • The precious metal purchased will be placed in separate boxes, sealed and recorded.
  • Customer will receive accounts for purchase, storage certificates and individual insurance policy in customer’s name

Precious Metals Presentation:

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