Shanda Consult Business visit to Beirut July 2017

The managing director of Shanda Consult, Mr Stefan Nolte, will be in Beirut for business meetings and negotiations from 18 to 22 July 2017. Mr Nolte will visit several industrial entities as well as good old business associates.

During his visit, Mr Nolte will investigate and elaborate possible joint-venture partnerships between German and Lebanese industrialists, mainly family-owned establishments.

Shanda Consult focuses on cross-border industrial investment consulting for EU investors investing in the Middle East and other countries. Our firm’s services include the search for suitable joint-venture partners in the investment target countries. Additionally, we are assisting industrial project owners from the Middle East to find appropriate joint-venture partners or strategical investors from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Mr Nolte will also further develop the business ties between Lebanon and Cyprus, discussing the advantages of Cyprus companies for Lebanese businesses, especially targeting European markets. Shanda Consult advises its clients how to structure business in Cyprus and through Cyprus, including the consideration of tax aspects.

Licenced by CySEC, Shanda Consult provides corporate and fiduciary services, including Cyprus company formation, company administration and interim management, as well as trust services.

Although the programme is already quite tight, there are a few free time slots for additional meetings. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like to meet Mr Nolte.


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